We are passionate believers in collaboration as well as in mentorship. We have partnered with some of industry’s finest professionals who have brought us leads, ideas, new clients, collaboration, and been our mentors. We reward our partners and are always looking to expand our network. If you would be interested in working with us on the E-MentorProject, we’d love to hear from you.

Here are some of the professionals we are currently partnered with:

Yvonne Silver – Founder and President of Flourish
Website : or visit her LinkedIn Profile

Yvonne Silver is passionate about evoking flourishing growth and supporting the building of social enterprise ventures. As a previous VP and Director, her specialty is helping women entrepreneurs and business leaders experience success. She inspires others with a passion for social change to excel with less stress, more career JOY, and more family time. A Certified Executive Coach and CHRP – with experiences in 8 start-up ventures and Board level experience (ICF Calgary Chapter), she leverages a wealth of knowledge and practical skills. As a Speaker, she shares concepts and tools to help Women business owners, Change-makers and Social Enterprises grow successfully (with purpose and increased employee engagement).

She is a seasoned Speaker/Facilitator and Executive Coach. Yvonne brings a Consulting, Coaching and HR Leadership background, accompanied by extensive sales expertise, and a knack for seeing the missing link in how people impact business results. She labels her unique insights as Business Harmony:understanding the human links between business success, exceptional leadership, employee motivation, engagement and productivity, and brings the heart of a social entrepreneur to all she does.

Professionally she completed the premier graduate level coaching certification for business – the Royal Roads Executive Coaching Certificate, holds Certified HR Profession status (HRIA), and completed Business Management at U of C. She is also a Certified EQ-i Consultant and Reiki Practitioner, currently holding the Executive role of Mentorship Chair for BPW Calgary (women empowering women).

Specialty areas include:

* Women’s Business & Career Growth
* Executive and Leadership Coaching
* High growth business evolution with social enterprise
* Teaching via: speaking / facilitation / workshops / co-author
* Reiki – energy blockage reduction, and energetic presence for Leaders

David B. Savage – Founder and President of Savage Management Ltd. and Author of Breakthrough to Yes: Unlocking the Possible within a Culture of Collaboration

Website: or visit his LinkedIn Profile
David is founder and President of Savage Management Ltd., Think Sustain Ability Consultants and The Collaborative Global Initiative. He is committed to building capacity for parties to negotiate, collaborate and reach agreements that serve the business, the community and the environment.

David’s book Breakthrough to Yes: Unlocking the Possible within a Culture of Collaboration was published worldwide March 22, 2016. David is working on further books and podcasts including; ‘podcasts Plus, Break Through To Yes; The Work Book. His co-shared book, Ready Aim Excel: 52 Leadership Lessons, is an international business bestseller on Amazon. David, also, hosts weekly business radio show on Voice America; Breakthrough to Yes with Collaboration and on Tenacious Living Network.

Savage Management Ltd. (founded in 1993) provides consulting, negotiation, conflict management, organizational development, stakeholder engagement, coaching and collaborative leadership services.

The Collaborative Global Initiative (founded in 2013,www.collaborativeglobalinitiative.comis a global community of collaborative and dispute resolution professionals, located in Canada, the United States, and the Netherlands. CGI is committed to addressing and embracing conflict, and supporting a more peaceable, healthy and sustainable living environment in families, communities, business and our world. Think Sustain Ability assists companies build their culture to serve our future. David brings over 40 years of professional negotiation, business development, organizational development and agreement building expertise, 30 years of facilitation and 20 years of alternative dispute resolution experience.

Clients include executives and organizations involved in oil and gas, aboriginal and community economic development, conflict management, community, renewable energy, law, resort management, not for profits and primary health care.  Savage’s clients are organizations that have strong leadership committed to actively developing their people and their objectives by positive leadership, collaboration, stakeholder engagement, conflict management and business development. Our clients have real and current challenges within and without their organizations that are adversely affecting attainment of their objectives. They lead by designing their own culture, commitments and accountabilities.

David is, also, a cofounder of the Company to Company Dispute Resolution Council (2003), the Alberta Energy Regulator Alternative Dispute Resolution Program (1999), the Global Negotiation Insight Institute (2008) and Synergy Alberta (2004). After a successful thirty-two-year career as a leader in the Canadian petroleum industry, since 2007 David has focussed on engaging and developing collaborative leaders and sustainable business development. David is past Chair of the Rosen Lake Ratepayers Association and has been very involved in bringing together diverse interests to focus on collaborative agreements on lakeshore and lake environmental protection that, also, respects the diversity of interest groups. The Columbia Valley Recreation Advisory Committee, facilitated by David, brought together conflicting interests to make recommendations to the governmental authorities on land use policy. David is a past Director of the Explorers and Producers Association.