About Us

Linda Matthie

LindaLinda Matthie is a versatile and conscientious professional with over thirty years of experience in the petroleum industry and over twenty years as an independent business owner and entrepreneur. As a Joint Venture specialist and business owner, she has extensive experience in leadership, mentoring, communication, negotiation and problem solving, with a particular strength in developing effective working relationships. The latest downturn in the economy inspired her to the realization that companies are letting their best and most experienced mentors go and leaving a void for the people left. With the technology that we have in place today, we are able to create the most powerful platform of mentors and mentees worldwide, without borders or boundaries. We’ve all had significant mentors in our lives: people who have helped us learn, avoid making mistakes, and moved us to success and proficiency sooner. Linda is passionate about connecting mentors and mentees around the world, to help re-establish a person-to-person connection, and to help people grow both personally and professionally.


Allan Fine

Alfine3smallBorn and raised in Toronto, Allan came to Calgary in 1995. A master fitness trainer (Allan studied and taught fitness for 25 years), Allan says, “Becoming a master is not about doing 4000 different things, it’s about doing 12 things, 4000 times each.” Now as a Master of Marketing, Facebook, Social Media, Web Design and more, Allan can help your company succeed. A strategic sharp shooter, Allan consistently catapults his clients beyond the competition. When you see how methodical Allan’s approach is, you understand instantly how he can assure dramatic sales increases. Allan is known as a very brilliant man in his discipline. He is strategic-minded and can decipher the systems, processes, and procedures that drive a company to grow and become great.